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My motivation to create comes from my interest in the idea that every mark we make is subconsciously meaningful and representational to us as a person. I believe art helps us witness who we really are and how vulnerable or courageous we really are; sharpening all our senses and hurtling us away from our sense of reality. My paintings do not begin with preconceived notions of a finished product, rather, they start as spontaneously painted colors, later connected by freely associated patterns, words, and images: subconsciously provoked by surroundings and sounds. Each piece carries folded narratives of conversations, patterns, and emotions.


I do not enjoy planning or sketching; I enjoy painting, making mistakes, and layering. I like seeing the messes I make underneath my washes of paint, creating a mirror that reflects the process and work put into the formation of the piece. Bringing out the inherent intentionality and motivation, allowing those who pay close attention to view my creative process within my finished product. Despite my attempts to experiment with other pallets, I’ve noticed my paintings will always go back to my consistent colors. Preserving or documenting a palette is important, as I believe it is a work of art itself. It allows for people to look into the mind of an artist and feel the intensity of each intentional and unintentional mark made. Since my pallets are full of dried acrylic paint, I usually peel them off and incorporate them into my pieces, tying back to my intention of allowing the audience to view my creative process within the completed piece. Acrylic paint is my go-to medium if I were to only pick one, but most times I enjoy creating mixed media pieces. Layering found objects onto my painting is something I do often. I would find plastic keys, strings, buttons, etc. and place them on my piece, sometimes coating them with a layer of polyurethane for a nice shine and better protection. I believe pieces with texture are more enjoyable than those that do not. The visual element of physical texture from the found objects, layered paint and brush strokes help me convey the emotional and physical energy within my informal pieces. After all the paint has dried, I would go over it with markers, pens, pencils, charcoal, white-out and nail polish. I would layer more paint over it until I am satisfied. While I do have a fairly good grasp in technical skill, my paintings mainly rely on subconsciously placed loose markings that don’t require much artistic ability. What I paint does not matter, It’s how I paint that matters and expresses how I feel at the moment. Through my pallet choice, brush strokes, placement, and composition, I am able to represent what is being felt on the inside rather than what is seen on the outside. My desire is not to show off how skillful I might be, but to depict my raw mindset and communicate what I feel at the moment, infusing my paintings with my emotion and mood; allowing my audience to come up with their own interpretations of the finished product.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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